Tuesday, March 24, 2009

PuTErI gUnuNg L3dAnG tRiP

last sat morning went to gunung ledang wif dear and frens. v all departed about 7sumthin early in the morning(which v expect wil depart more earlier than this at 1st). it was a cloudy day all the way v drove to the tangak. v all pray inwardly so that god can grant us a sunny day b4 v start to hike. after 45mins drive, v finaly had reached to the destination. but too fast to b happy, bcoz another 2km to drive along the slipery mud road in order to get to the hillside. but it was fun to experiance such advanterous journey.haha...in the end v had reached to the office and regis ourselve b4 get up to the mountain. at 9.45am v headed to the path jus to conquer the ledang mountain. there were 13 of us in the team. v climbed thru the hill checkpoint by checkpoint. 2hours++ v had arrived til the half of the mountain which is our destination. up there v can simply njoy the natural fish spa and the refreshing water. we had had some fun up there wif each other as well. splashing the water,njoying the fish spa,filled up out stomarch wif the snacks that v bought the day b4..it was really fun!and thn another 2hours++ spent to get down. v reached ledang resort at evening time. wait for the turn to take bath 1 by 1 b4 went for the dinner. v all dinner at taman sagil and headed bek to the resort after this. hmm...quite boring as nothin much v gals can do in resort. therefore v plan to chit chat in the room to kill time while the guys were get into the swimming pool to play their water polo. haha..drank red wine n sparkling juice b4 went to sleep. its taste so so but i stil njoy it. woke up on the other day, went to eat wan tan mee 1st and then was goin to try the famous beef mee in tangak town. after the lunch v say gdbye to tangak n drove to muar to taste for another well-known food in muar--otak2 lo. v went to tanjung emas to see the river scenery in muar, n planned to take the boat ride to travel along the muar river. but so sad, some of our frens not really fond to this. there4, cancel the trip and start hunting for the yummy otak2 together lo..ended our trip at 5sumthin, and took dinner in pasar borong wif dear..hmm..this 2 days 1 nite trip was definately not enuf for me. i jus wan to go and spend more time wif dear for the travel. coz i like to travel especially wif dear. jus feel a little bit sry to his frens coz my frens not really join in the gang and always change in plan in the last min. i'm sry dear..btw, where's the next trip i gonna spend wif dear? i wan go oversea lo..dun care!!hahaha...forgot to let u guys to know 1 important thing durin our trip in ledang. bsides the beef mee is famous in there, i think the housefly is famous too..u can simply see them everywhere, anytime. especially in the shop v eat. so, people, check out the shop's kitchen b4 u decide to take ur meal there..

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