Friday, September 5, 2008

day 2 in farmlands

today as usual went off for work. mum cooked me noodle as breakfast (so so only). durin woking time, i've been doin tasks,works, assignment, fixing bugs,...tonnes of them are waiting for me yet i stil wan to blog here. hehe..senior feel sad today coz he jus get to know his last sem result was terrifying. but i duno how to comfort him as i keep busy wif my works. today another new task assigned by Mr. K. it was so scary coz he nvr treat me frenly so far not til today. but surprisingly, he came over my place to teach me and correct my mistake without showing his trademark (black face) to me.hehe.. been busy doing the task,keep scracthing my head to finish it. after meeting today i went for dinner wif classmates at 118. we had had an njoyable chit chat n discussion on our cumin phuket trip. haha..but the most unexpected thing was i can bcum the driver on my way home. it was disbelieve tat i can drive a waja for the 1st time.! haha...the feeling not bad,jus a bit nervous.hehe..anyhow, mum n grandma's birthday is cumin soon.waz should i get them as present? really no idea,but i really hope tat i can giv them special yet memorable birthday this time since i'm home for this 4 months with them. mummy,happy 40++birthday! and to grandma, happy 80++ birthday lo!! wishing u both 长命百岁!!muackss.. no more cramp durin sleep ya. hehe..

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