Monday, September 8, 2008


my previous blog has offended my beloved as i din know it will hurt him badly. therefore i'm here to declare tat i did not make it tat way purposely. hope my dear will understand. every1 is looking for the fogiveness frm the 1 they wan to,but it is hard for the 1 to accept their apologize n pretend to be ok in front of the wrong doer in a plit of sec. so am i...but i guess my dear will forgive me tenderly de rite? hehe..last weekend i went to china press to get the mooncake free. manatau interviewed by the reporter unexpectedly. they stopped me by calling me so i tot i might b left out sumthin when i receive the mooncake frm them but end up they wan to get a pic frm me pulak.. at that nite,my neighbour was so spiritful to cum to my house jus to show my pic to all..really swt....besides,i went for a dinner at the backstreet jus located at my room down there. there is not an ideal place to hav food for sure,sumore drizzling. but its free to all, who dun wan it rite? but the most embarrasing was my greediness has drawed me into an extremely awkward situation. aunt asked me to get sum glasses of water to them by using the plastic plate which v usually use to eat de. i tot i could make it (3 glasses in a plate).. *bling blang!* the sound of the breaking a glass on the floor came into my ear..nonono,came into all comer's ear..every1 staring at me for a sec, i was so so so damn embarrased n really wan to hide into a hole if there any. aiks...on sunday, i went to klang wif cousin,driving mum's car (without air-cond) v both wer e like inside the owen, my skin and face has turned red all the way long to klang. meet pei san at the gov hospital there. get shocked n impressed when i see her driving a huge van to cum. n really thanks to her for passing me bek my key as she is not so conveniance to cum out to meet me. really feel paiseh to trouble her always. at the end me n my cousin has went for jj in bkt tinggi,which is the biggest jj outlet in malaysia. both of us 1st time went to klang n looking for the road by guessing yet v stil manage to reach our destination. it was great and awesome..hehe..jus tat the condition in car was unbearable.. =.='
*sat nite i went out at 11sumthin to pick sook heng up frm puduraya bus station. she jus get bek frm singapore tat nite and we went to stephen corner for supper. we chat a lot, but the feeling of being wif her was slightly differ as the time v hanged out durin school time. a bit strange..i used to think that she is the real fren who i looking for all this while,but seems like sumthin has changed my mind to think so...y huh?hmm...anyhow, we r stil best and mr.chong are stil couple though..haha.. :P

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