Wednesday, May 20, 2009

screwed my 2nd paper

the thing which i dun wan to happen the most was actually happened to me today durin exam! i was having stomach pain early in the exam, told myself to tahan,tahan and tahan til the end of the exam. but then in the middle of the way, i rushed out from the exam scene for the toilet. swt...inside the toilet, there was so many unexpected surprises which i nvr expected b4. my dear coursemates were actually 'studying' their notes which is being hidden in the toilet b4 exam. i was really =.='.. but no time for me to care such surprises. nit to do my business 1st..after went bek to exam, i duno how to do the questions!! those questions were too broad. i dun even know wat should i write for them. sigh..wasted my time in toilet and end up screwed up my paper. can't graduate on time liao la this time, jus bcoz of the milo and roti i ate b4 went to the exam!!!!!! i hate both of them so much.. i swear not to drink and eat them anymore!! i'm so so sad....

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