Monday, May 4, 2009

living in a desert

malacca-->a so call historical town in malaysia. i not really like to stay in here actually. it makes me feel the heat all the time especially when the summer season. the food here is definately not appetiting at all. y do i hate this place so much? i hav no idea, mayb bcoz of its so called famouss and delicious foods are totally opposite with their reputation. who grant them such a nice reputation huh? tasty chicken rice ball? yummy special wan tan mee?they all are tasteless and some are really hard to suit my appetite at all. haiz..been living here since 2005, the 1st wan tan mee i tried was in mmu corner, how come a dry wan tan mee will mixed up wif chili sos? this is so ugly 'special'..~! not my bowl of wan tan mee thou. ppl here are hard to communicate wif too..i stil remember i went to visit my fren's house durin alpha time. they all talked in hokkien while i was a dummy there jus keep smilling. when his grandma asked me sumthin in hokkien which i dun really understand with, i was like "...................". not til my fren told me wat his grandma was trying to tell me. ok,fine..hav to get used wif it no matter how. this is bcoz, most of my fren they all know it well therefore i hav to learn it well. "chio bu" the only word can pops up in my mind. haha...btw, i'm sweating while typing this blog lo. my promise to my dear frens, 2 yrs to go for our dream destination->maldives! go go go!!yeah!!

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