Thursday, July 2, 2009

depressed ar...

i can't graduate on time la this time.. i couldn't find my name in list of graduates. its really depressing.. what i'm gonna do? go play? go for a wild outing? i hate myself so much.! wat the hell i've done to myself? why i push myself into this way? i jus wana b grad in the yr of 09. why why why? i scream:" ar....~~~!!!!" useless.. =.= 2 days of work in HP was ordinary. yet the colleagues i met so far they are frenly though. anythin make me feel uncomfortable in office? i bet NO. it is so relaxing working there. the environment such a good place for us to steal bone(malay term)..if you wish to spend ur life peacefully without any challenges, i would suggest u to step ur foot in here(only apply to my department la har) not to forget, the workers there are mostly the youngsters. so energetic when seeing them and work wif them together. but, here is the "but". they not as frenly as u expected though. jus like a wind pass by whenever u cross over them. haha...duno wat i wan to say actually. jus wan to highlight here, those who working in HP they are reallt expert in wat they are doin!(except me) =.='' coz i'm the newbie there? its jus a matter of time for me to find out my usability of contribution to this company for the nxt few months. gd luck to me and to HP as well. -sad me- :'(

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