Friday, July 17, 2009

njoying my woring hour in office by blogging here

03.44pm hp tower,damansara
i am physiacally sitting in front of my pc typing, pretending that i am busy with my office work. but, i am mentally concentrating to my blog here. haha...what a fuuny worker i am in hp here. today went to office as usual, bumped into my colleagues while waitingfor the bus to come and fetch us. i was not daring to go infront
of them to chat. this is becasue she looked too fierce to me everytime i was trying to approach to her. when reach to the office,my id card could not scan through, therefore my senior asked me to go to security unit to ask for assistance. again here's the same probto me, he told me that the id card holder's name was not belong to me.i was like, huh? u serious? again wat should i obtain doesn't belong to me once again? it make me recall bek my dear tm technician has installed the worng regis name of the telephone at my home last SWEAT!~but thanks to god, it settled within few mins and i get up to the office and start my work today. instead of saying my work, i would say start to day dreaming once again in office. so far there is no work for me to get involved, so i just keep sitting in front of the pc, browsing web and continue pretending to be a hardworking hp employee. i was having meeting at 10am this morning, mainly discuss about the definition of local domain, global group, universal group.and of coz, our trainer was LOO(same surname wif me. abit of warm feeling whenever i see him. might come from the same family.)hahaha..
okok, stop crapping. let me refresh, local domain - local user account within the local group. global group - e.g erricson account. its member servers are allowed to retrieve data from each other but must within its own account.universal group - combination of variety of global groups for differ accounts. there is some restrictions for the universal group by the way, it can only applied to native mode(windows 2003) while for the universal group which set up in windows 2000&03 can only applied to mixed mode. not sure is my explanation correct or not, but at least i sould still recall a little bit of wat i learned for today. haha...not to forget, i nit to re-clarify for my previous blog entry. in there i was saying hp is a place where we can relax and njoy ur life. but it isn't the way i was meant to! "if u manage to survive in hp working environment, you wil survive in every work field in
the future! " my senior advise to me again. =.= is that true btw? i need to work durin weekend ar, what do u think thn? 2 weeks continously..not sure the week after nxt week i will free from OT or not. sigh...

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