Friday, February 10, 2012


I feel demotivated once again. Sometimes I do envy on her notability towards our job. Yes, no doubt she is the primary contact on this, and I am just the backup of hers. Feel like there would be no different even though I did not exist in this team. Then what's the point I'm still staying here? Really wish to go..especially go away from  him! I hate him vigorously!!!!! The more he says he loves me the more I hate him! Not just because of work related, personal related but is everything he did for me is a massive tragedy to me!
Mr.Loo was right, I am not a risk taker but a coward who always think of fleeing away from the cruel faith. Sigh.. it seems like working in such pressure lifestyle isn't suit me at all, I would rather go for a stray journey. See, this is how playful I am...isshhh...

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