Wednesday, February 22, 2012

NZ.... Here i come come come!!!

Yes! I made a NO U-turn to myself. The moment I click "Submit" meaning to say I am 100% sure and ready to pursue my dream. I read a book recently called - Stop wasting time and start your life by Jeffrey Combs. I wanted to stay self-encouraged all the time thats why i think this book is suits me to read. The book talked about what and how is a procrastinator to be. and of course, I am no doubt one kind of the procrastinator - Big-deal chaser.
I found out in my past 20++ years of life, I've been day dreaming a lot. An ordinary girl who always think that she is somewhat special, unique than the others and always dream in her own fantasy world land. In fact, she is just a normal yet common down to earth human being who is just staying in a hectic city - Kuala Lumpur. The more i read this book, the more relaxing I feel. Hmm..I would say release instead of relax.. I've been gone thru a massive struggle just like my last previous post entry. I felt envy and jealous to my team mate on her work dedication, professionalism, passionate that she has towards her work. But try to calm myself down and not to over-rate myself with her capability.
Everyone has their own talent. I might not capable as she is but I do have other space/skills which could definitely win her more :) not trying to become the best among all but to be my own best! Still figuring how would this saying affect my philosophy of VL life in near future but I am learning to transforming myself from a big-deal chaser into a recovering productive procrastinator =)
That is why, I made a NO U-turn as mentioned earlier. I decided to start off my NZ journey on this coming December(my brithday month =p) I wish to have a different birthday celebration for myself  in this year of 2012! and.....i've booked the air ticket (AA again...oh no...) and get myself always ready whenever decision made up to my mind. No more delay and excuses!

waaa....little sheeps are waiting for my arrival!! can't wait... 

Breath-taking scenes in Nz o....

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