Friday, October 10, 2008

lonely nite by clicking the keypad all nite long. hmm....

9.30pm,malacca. today was my training presentation in mlk. therefore depart my journey to mlk since 8sumthin early in the morning. allen, kenny n me were goin there together. they both talked a lot regarding my ex-company function which i stil hav to scratching my head in order to join into their topic. but nvm, couldn't be bnothered thou. y? coz i ady leave that company lo. hohoho..but a bit miss those day when i was working there. but surprisingly i get to know that 1 of the intern in xeersoft has quit frm working there. reason? hahahah..pre-suspection was due to my 'beloved' mr.K!! who i hate him so damn much. i think that poor intern can't really bear wif his rude behavior to him. thats y wan to cabut lo. i really get impressed of my own once i heard this frm kenny them. this is bcoz i was strengthful enuf to bear of him 4 MONTHS all together! unbelievable! its a miracle! i manage to survive under his evil supervision. wao..impressive!hahaha..even a guy oso canot tahan his behavior,waz abt the 4 months i hav been thru? hmm...
back to now, i'm blogging wuliao-ly coz dear dumped me by sleeping on his bed. :( listening some romance song as well, feel like a person who get loved by sum1 is a grateful thing(i mean myself i guess) hehe,.. today presentation was not that ideal. but it passed at least. sum1 criticize on it too.. hand gesture prob la, how to easy ur anxious la,bla bla bla.. >.<' really nit to improve lo. after tat went to c fyp lecturer, went to ixora to book my unit for up cumin trimester,finally went for a meal in mori cafe. after finished our lunch, we head to lib for study while dear concentrate to his sleeping(been sleeping all the while,less study), thn i start doin my FYP lo.
hmm...nothin to blog anymore,jus hope tat my dear get up fast thn go for our dinner+supper lo. a bit hungry le.. :(
p/s: drank a little bit of johnie walker. feeling blur blur now. its taste not tat nice at all. smelly. stupid de me tot dear won't find out but his nose was so sensible. hahaha...i'm sry for wasting ur wine dear..blek..

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