Wednesday, November 12, 2008

my last confess

weak to concentrate. easily get distracted by those unuseful thinking in my mind. can't even get rid of them. did i choose the right path for my life by telling u the truth? v can hardly bek to those time after waz u should know frm me. the ugly me has shown up my ugliest side to you in the end. ur angel is no longer touches ur heart,no longer resides deep into ur heart i bet. but i'm not regret, no regret to tell u the truth. becoz u hav the right to know all this n i really can't stand of the lies tat stand between us. i feel breathless..tears drop uncontrollably whenever i think of this. an ugly gal has destroyed 2 gentlement 's peaceful life. i'm suffering now. n so do u i'm sure. therefore i think its time to put a fullstop for our relationship le. i know v both might stil havin the feeling of can't let go of it. yet v hav to.. v r actually forcing ourselve to love each other even more n forget the real mean of coupling le. i tot pak tor should b a happy thing n i jus wish to hav a simple yet lovely relationship wif my bf. but seems my taught nvr cum true to me. dear, i love u..but no matter how deep our love is, there won't b a happy ending to us if v stil insist to ask for love frm each other especially for the situation now..i can feel dear bu shuang on everyhtin of me but yet dear stil tahan of it.. i can't bear of turning dear til like this.i wan dear to stay happy all the time..but mayb this will only happen if i quit frm this harsh situation of us. i won't call or msg dear not even disturb dear anymore..i swear..jus to makesure u r free frm disaster(me) forever.. i really mean it..

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