Friday, November 28, 2008

craps again..

28/11/08,friday,5.00pm. today woke up at 10sumthin..turned on my pc n watched movie as the start of the day. 12pm meet wif kenny as promised last nite to hav meal together. we went to a vege stall and he told me that today is the 1st day of the month in buddhism calendar. waz a coincidence..after meal we head bek to campus CITS lab. he helped me to look thru my fyp report and told me where should i improve for it. i found out i had missed out lot of things and material in my report. 3 more week to go for me to submit the report. am i manage to complete it b4 the due date? mr.kau has defeat my confidence of doing it actually. "this is quite dissapointed actually of ur work" this sentence come across my mind everytime i start doin it. i made sum stupid mistake which i shouldn't hav in my report. i was so shame tat time. i dun even check for the typo clearly when i submit and he point it out in front of me n other lecturer. sigh..
after the report checking frm him, we went to mori cafe to on9. after tat head bek to lib n cont wif my study. jus hope that this sem i can survive frm those killing assigns and exams. and graduate on time. get a good prospect job so tat make my parents to b proud of their doughter all the time. this is my one n only wish to make it cum true to my life. i request for nothin,but hope my family is doin well all the time n live happily. i love my family

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