Saturday, November 29, 2008


29/11/08,1.07pm,saturday,library. today is again another boring day of mine. woke up at 10sumthin (jus bcoz my roomate has woke up,so i hav to either) reluctantly. settled my things, n then prepare to go lib. i looked gloomy once i get down there n was trying to look for food. there is none of the stall open for me! damn! went to ixora food court, super quiet and went down there of the food court. reverse bek n planned to hav my meal in ps. another bad luck to me again,ps was not open either! n thn i came to my last choice,plan to go to the grossary shop to get sum bread or junks in order to fill up my stomarch. maantau closed again. =.=' wasted my energy to walked pass the stores which i tot i can get food from there. instead, none of them were open. finally i went to ep food court to hav my lunch. i had it alone wif myself. feel so pity n lonely. but wat to do? bf not around, n dun hav the intention to ask fren out wif me anymore(especially guy). this is the only treatment or punishment to myself i guess. and i hav to bear wif it no matter how. this is wat i promised to myself earlier..din i? yeah, i did. last nite was another critical arguement between me n him. he once again revive my fault to him those days and i can't control my emo well last nite. in the end i wanted to break up straight. i really can't accept my bf accuse me of not doin thing to try to repair our relationship.. waz i did for these few weeks were jus wasted,n did for nothin!! i hate it,n get pissed off! even til now i stil can't let go of wat he said last nite. but all i can do now is just try more harder to let him know my heart towards him. although i feel energyless to continue. btw, going for hiking wif ailun at 6pm later. this is the 1st time i go hike wif her. hopefully it will b a nice n fun memory to me.. :) nothin can cheer me up for sure, n the only thing can relax my mind awhile is sport.i wan to sweat til i can forget the sads forever...beat it up!!!

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