Thursday, December 18, 2008

my bad day

today was so irritating+hectic. woke up at 8sumthin thn went to campus early jus to print out my fyp. b4 tat i tot paper not provided for the printing therefore i bought a 10 bucks of the indah kiat paper n 4 bucks of cds. thn forgot to bring the printing approval form so hav to get bek ixora again. when get into the lab, the technician told me paper is provided up to 300 pages!~ wth!! @!##@ printed out at last n thn went for binding, bought the blue cover of the fyp in fist office. i tot everythin was heading fine n smooth. when cum to 2.30pm, went to meet my 'dear' supervisor. he was on the call so hav to wait outside of his room.almost 20mins waiting thn only managed to get into his room. end up scolded me by asking me y din i attach the meeting log as appendix. i tot every meeting log has to b original tats y dun dare to attach into the report 1st ma. manatau kena marah pulak@#@! i rushed to photostat the meeting logs again thn only submit to him. tot of nothin more once i handed it to him, but thn, more probs has encoutered to me after waz i rushed n busy for..haiz...wats more? minor mistakes in the report lo. i'm so so damn careless til din even notice where the mistakes are. but y? i would only found out only when i ady submitted? is this the real me? i hate it so much!hopefully things would b fine after more worries for the report can i? ans is no, this is jus the begining of my bad luck.. :( my godness..

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