Sunday, December 21, 2008

my big day!

yesterday was my 22nd big day! i had had a bad sleep d day b4 the come of my birthday. why? hp keep 'yelling' at me non-stop. fren's birthday wishes has nvr stop til now. i'm so pleased to receive any single wish frm each of them. means they blessing me with their whole heart which makes me get touched al the time. although no cake celeb this yr, no special moment this yr, yet i feel so peace to pass my 22nd yr old birthday this yr. of coz, i feel glad to b wif dear during my birthday time. but the peacefulness not cum frm dear but frm the bottom of my heart. jus like the normal day i gone thru lo. nothin much special..i went to uncle's house to celeb early christmas last nite, n we all get the christmas present frm uncle n aunty. thanks to them. i received a formal shirt frm them which i not really fond of. coz of its color is so dull..not suit my type. haha..but anyway, really big thanks to them. may i hav a grand yet happy christmas this yr.. happy happy christmas to all~~~!! :)

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