Wednesday, December 17, 2008

JinGlE bELl~~

yeah!!..its christmas time..hohoho...the occassion i like the most nothin more than this coming christmas. it gives me a peaceful sign and feel like to recall waz i've done thru out the whole yr of 2008. hmm...seems a lot i've gone thru..sweet, bitter, sour..each of them. n i found out how poor my eng level is in the end. my fyp report is jus screwed up by me, my tests, my assigns, everythin i done was definately unsatisfied. even i ady try my best. wait, did i really try the best of me? i dun think mind is stil heading for fun. nxt sem would be my system coding implementation le, yet i stil start from nothin til now. i've should start it earlier,ever since my training start. but no point to tell this now. christmas is coming, my birthday is coming as well. if sum1 ask me waz would i wish for my birthaday,to b honest, i jus nit a peazceful yet lively birthday. i mean nit not to celeb for on purpose. jus let it flow naturally. can i? i do hope for some surprise from certain ppl of coz, but seems like i ady used of dissapointed on d surprise frm sum1, so i think i better not to think of it. i jus hope ta b wif my family during my birthday..and hav a happy christmas ever..!hahaha...after christmas is CNY lo, time pass realy fast. i din even notice CNY is falling on nxt month til som1 reminded me. yr new hope, i hope i can graduate smoothly get an average result for fyp, nothin more than that..shouldn't b so greedy rite? lastly, remember to live more lively than i am..c ya..

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