Wednesday, January 7, 2009

another brand new day has come

finals are ongoing in the very 1st month of 2009,and 1 has down on yesterday. now another fight for TIT and TPA. have i get ready? the ans will always be NO! this is the study culture of MMU whereby students are tend to start their revision in the very last minute. thats y i am a typical student of MMU. haha... library is always fully booked in this peak season. very 'lak gu' til students have to wake up early in the morning and wait for it opens jus to get a seat in it. some even kind enuf to reserve the seats for their frens. study together, make noise together and lol together. library security guards are just to continue their job without stoping students from making niose. an ideal security guard with full responsible. =.= i wonder how is the library in other campus look like, wil they allow student to chit chat in it but not to study quietly? MMU library is just like a pasar siang dan malam. noises are everywhere, everytime. u can't avoid from it no matter which corner u hide in library. btw, few more days to go for my trimester break + CNY holiday. ask me how am i goin to fully utilize it? good question, the regular ans would be ->FYP! have to bear wif it til graduate on this coming august. am i manage to pass thru it? based on wat i have screwed up in my fyp 1st phase, i have no longer provide any confidence level to myself. this is because i am really zha and lazy. what to do? keep on going lo as the thing wil stil happen no matter how. the thing i can only do is to duplicate my sighness, despairness. sigh..~

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