Friday, January 9, 2009

fighting n struggling

morning paper has been screwed up by me once again. wore my contact lense and went for exam but turn up my eye get sored. =.= it keep giving me the warning signal that i've should not wear it today. question for the paper today was so so unpredictable. fill in the blank i could only managed to get 2 correct out of 5. .what the... mostly based on our own opinion and own judgement. really hate this kind of question. this is because, i hate to think n analyze the question. how nice if it is just a direct and straight to the point question..but seems my result for this sem will never helps to pull up my cgpa again. i feel so down all of a sudden. it has makes me no mood to cont with the paper tomolo. jus want to nag at myself for the mistakes i had done. 1 more sem for me to go in mmu. can't i just present the best of me within this few months time? after all it would be my brightful day ever.. haha...jkjk.. so boring~~~~~my housemates they all ady finished their paper. i'm the last who sit for the final. keep seeing they goin bek 1 by 1, such a bad feeling heading towards me. :( almost end of sem 2 in my delta yr, hopefully my day would come 1 day..i can achieve wat i dream for and every1 happy wif their own ending after this may(to my classmates).. all the best to us..god bless every1 who stay in this world.. PEACE..

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