Friday, February 6, 2009

12th day of CNY

today is the 12th day of CNY. had had a lou sang dinner with my bunch of frens last nite in bei zhan. it was great to spend my time wif them together. although in between there were sum unexpectated sadness happened to me. yet i managed to handle it simply. i'm really emo lately ever since the day i feel guilty towards sum1. haiz...jus went to meet wif my fyp supervisor, feeling nervous b4 meeting him. i scare of his shooting skill btw. tot of getting shoot when the meeting,but end up chatting nicely to me instead..make me even more worry abt my sys le,..stil thinking of goin bek kl later. should i go bek today or tomolo?indeed, i feel like wan to teman dear awhile more in mlk here. forget it, i jus feel like its been a long time i nvr blog anythin rite here. that is y i'm trying to get sumthin to say it here. hehe...anyway, hav a great day ahead every1..~ c ya..

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