Wednesday, February 11, 2009

blogging some1's blog

i've been reading some of my ex-colleagues's blog lately. and i found out it is interesting to read her blog. with the proper and impressive language that she using in her blog, i feel like mine is nothing at all compare to hers. how i wish i could blog something funny, interesting as what she does. but due to my poor english level, i think its kinda hard for me to do so. i'm trying to make my blog as readable as possible,but don't think can reach the aim though. just as what i did for my fyp report for last sem. i still remember what the lecturer told me. he told me that my report was just average and did not satisfy his needs. i was so down and despaired. another thing i get impressed on my colleague is the gut she has. she dares to reveal her privacy to the public without hiding any. somemore she is genius in programming language. it makes me even more jealous on her. right now i'm in library,this is because i don't really want back to hostel and stay with my roomate. instead of saying she is bad to staying with,i will say that i don't dare to stay with her. especially we both in the room without talking with each other. i really hate that kind of feeling. by the way, i'm glad that dear has back from training and we are studying together for this last sem once again. but still, i'll be alone sometime which makes me feel sad. i would think of the non-sense once again. then end up have an arguement with dear. as what my colleague said, life’s interesting and mine is exciting, tiring, confusing… much to happen, much to see, much to experience, much to analyse, much to remember, much to sense, much to evaluate, much to write…its my life!..thanks to her advise..its enlighten me up!

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