Monday, February 23, 2009

*my 2nd vAlenTinE's day*

hmm..can't think of anythin to share with but my valentine day wif dear. hehe.. on the day of 14th Feb, a well-known day in this global, its a special day for the couples to celeb and express their love to each other. those who in love, celeb for the longevity of their love. and to those who is stil single, it is the day for them to express and show their love to the loved one. before the come of 2008's valentine, i was to think that this day is not as special as wat i expect. yet, when the reach of 14-02-2008, i had totally changed my mind. it is a day for gals to recieve gifts, for them to get the best treatment frm their bf might sounds not true to some1 but at least it did applied on me. haha..for this yr valentine, dear has brought me to a reataurant called havana cafe. it was fully booked by all the couples tat nite(love is in the air everywhere, everytime and to everyone).kekeke...n thn dear was expectedly using his old strategy to leave d table and bring the flowers to me once again. (exactly same as last yr) but stil, i was shocked and touched by his deed. n this yr, he gave a cute yet trendy watch to me,with the colour i like. i am so happy for that..really get touched and went speechless the time i unwraped the gift. our dishes were amazing as well. they cut the hashbrown in a LOVE shape, and we was cheers with a glass of red wine too. v had had a nice chat under this so in-love restaurant together. after the meal v rushed for the movie. it was so hilarious. dear booked the thai movie 'ong bak' as our valentine day movie. at 1st i was a bit =.=, but i stil like it no matter wat. as long as can stay wif dear n hav a great moment together. the movie only last for 1hour++,less than 1 and a half hour i guess. thn v went to the ice house to eat ice kacang. v walked all the way long between DP and MP. it was fantastic..and memorable moment to me for sure. after the ice kacang, v decided to go back for a rest as v had no idea where to go after all. u know la, mlk is such a boring place to me. i really appreciate the moment v been together, although its jus a short while. but my mind will nvr get rid of those sweet moment,not until my mind has stop functioning..its a normal day to others, but its a special to me.

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