Monday, April 6, 2009

crazy niteZzz..

last nite was cls event-mircos composing song nite. went there to support my fren. the songs they sang were really impressive. like it though. and today, i've been staying in my room for the whole daytime.and thn got class at 6pm so went for it and dined wif PS after class. v both walked to dhanyas to have our meal and i ordered another extra bubur manis after meal which cause my stomarch feels super uneasy. therefore i came out a crazy plan to her all of a sudden. i suggested to walk to jusco while v can digest our food in stomarch. tot my plan would be rejected but end up PS agreed wif me. haha..sumore she suggested to watch movie since v heading there. so, v bek to ep to get things prepared and started our nite jouney to MBO. v reached MBO exhaustedly and lastly din go for a movie. walked to jj and bought some junk foods there as well. v took a desert in jj too. ordered the cake in secret recipe and share it wif each other. after desert session and the shopping in jj super market, v walked bek to bkt.beruang once again. i nvr expect my nite would b spent by walking to jj but thn really thanks to PS coz at least it can ease my tension recently even though i'm stil havin my stress rite now. although tired yet i did njoy it. i like to do sumthin crazy n beyond the border, so come n challenge me wif any harsh challenges ba..! i'm ready for it! tired..go nap awhile 1st. zhou tao!

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