Wednesday, April 22, 2009

rush rush rush

everythin is on the rush. yet i dun hav the fear of the arriving date of fyp submission. why? i don't know..coming friday would be my bad day ever as i prepare nothing much for my works. sigh..assignments could i manage to clear all this out within 1 week time? i was rushing yesterday til forgot to get my room key out from my room. sms my roomate awkwardly jus wan to get the key from her. she walked all the way long frm lib bek to ixora to pass me the key. wat u think i was feeling tat time??awkward?happy?grateful? no way! i feel like i'm always the trouble maker! bring troubles to ppl all the time. sigh again.. and thn last nite went dinner wif frens, jus to discuss sum1's birthday celebration plan. v din act plan well as v hav no idea how to celeb for her. jus normal lo, go sing k, makan, n hav fun! haha...coming saturday is our big day-->semblance nite. bet every1 is ready wif their appearance on tat nite and ready to pay for any expanses jus to look great for the nite. either..hope every1 will b njoy the nite and hav fun all around wif our frens..gtg rush for my class lo..rush rush rush..!!tata..

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