Tuesday, April 28, 2009

GoT tO beLiEve iN mAgiC~

last saturday was semblance night which organized by ITS of MMU Melaka. Its mostly dedicated to the final student who going to graduate soon and enough. most of my coursemates and friends were gathered there. 4 something under the hot & spicy sun, i went to town for makeup and hairset. it took me about 1 and a half hour to complete the process and then i was heading to the Rannaissance hotel. i met up with lily,janice and siang ying once i step into the hotel lobby. i was so excited to take picture with them as we have never hang out together like this before. everyone there were look familiar to me, someone that i recognize their faces but not so close with. someone nice to me but barely are my acquintances. all the girls were wearing gorgeously and amazingly stunning to each other. the night was full with entertainment show like magic show, fashion show and etc..i can't stop myself of keep taking photos with my friends. after the night we went to arena as my 1st time to go there. it was crowded, everybody were enjoying the music in there while someone is having fight at the other side of the club. few mins after, policeman were arrive to the scene and everyone was rushing out to the entrance. no one wish to get involved with such trouble right? therefore we have to stop our plan and turn to pure bar. what a lovely night~~

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