Tuesday, August 18, 2009

SHort TerM MemOrY

OMG!! lately i've been bothered by those so called "password"!! my godness...know y? my work, lots of passwordSSS got to be bear in mind. frankly, none of them are set in my mind rite now. hterefore, i've jot them down in a notepad which i am not suppose to do so. bt for my own sake, its just to play safe for myself. but AGAIN, i've forgotten my maybank account and its LOCKED! due to the security purposes..WTH...~!~@~ i have to go to the bank to unlock my account entirely.. tot my day wasn't black after all, but.......jus found out my VM machine is once again locked due to my poor lousy memory..i lost everything in it.. i was like... DAMN!! what happened to me lately? getting older or over stress of my work? it can't be..i'm stil young wei...im only 22(goin to be 23). i am wondering should i get some treatment,therapy in order to boost up my memorizing power? hmm...or, or i miss my Uni life so much keep on recalling bek those moments i spent wif frens? bf? the ppl i hate? i have no life style ever since i started my 1st day work in hp. my daily routine, 8.30am sitting in front of pc, on msn, browse fb for few moment, and start to work. 5.50pm, not yet finish my work coz of my freshness to the office. have to catch up 1 by 1 and digest it against my will. meeting? three times a week, 3 hours each to get me involved. and yet, my the only rest day of the week, --> NONE. 7 days work in d office, facing the same pc, same faces, and same toilet. >.<' sat & sun aren't my favourite day anymore. they are my unofficial work day instead.. my boss:" good motion,keep it up!." me:" =.=' "
i really boring towards my lifestyle rite now, nothin more i can do but keep working and earn money. i wish to bring my mum for traveling, i wish to own a pda phone, i wish i can wear variety of pretty clothes to work, i wish i can build up a good relationship wif all colleagues, i wish no company politics in my office, i wish our country is virus free( say NO to H1N1), i wish my life can spark up and not that dull at all. i wish to go US too......i wish to go KLIA to board on a plane, go everywhere i want to..i am dreaming obviously~~by the way, stil trying hard to get into my VM machine, attempt failure..does any1 know the solution without reformat everythin over again? i am so sick of reformating pc la wei....ish..

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