Thursday, August 27, 2009

rainy nite

10.55pm, home. today was a normal day to me while working. keep scratching my head on server build thingy. luckily got senior willing to teach and KT. awhile later,manager came to my place and ask for the progress. i feel blessed for all ppl around me. they are caring and nvr mean on passing those knowledges to me. keep giving me the chance to explore the things which i nvr encountered b4. some of my colleagues are cute too..they are nice, and frenly. but some of them, i better keep a certain distance from them. anyhow, i njoy my working life rite now and looking further to myself. how far i can go beyond and how strengthful i am when handling those troublesome tasks. gd nitez every1..time for me to sleep again. goin to meet dear this weekend..hope i will njoy our dating and jus b wif him peacefully.~ nitez..

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