Tuesday, December 20, 2011


就这样,过了我还蛮期待奇迹会出现的二十五岁生日。 My 25th yr old birthday has almost past without honor my birthday wish for this year. Kinda sad and disappointed to be honest, but that's where we will grow and stay strong I suppose! I must confess to myself that I am not a weaker in relationship, always not to be...Hence there is no way to earn my tears from it. I hate crying especially on my birthday! But I did after few minutes when the clock strikes to 12am sharp. My phone rang, but it wasn't from the person I always hope for. It was someone else who I do not wish to cherish about him. Few words for me before I hang up. Din't really show how passionate I was to talk to him. I'm sure he can sense on it too. By the time I hung my phone and my tears dropped uncontrollably, my last hope has been arisen once again when the phone rang for the second time. So wish to see his name show up on my iphone wall, but fact reveals the truth. My buddy who called up and greet me. Thanks to him. But my heart was seriously broken.
We both went for few senseless topics before I off for my dreams. He pulled me from tears to laughter though I still feeling upset.

Though there isn't any massive celebration from friends and family, yet this is the ending I always hope for. Can't blame anyone..Tell you a funny joke, the pants I'm wearing today (one of my favorite) has tighten me like hell..My thighs are gaining weigh I think :(.. I can't even squad, bend my legs simply just because of its tightness. Huhu....Mau lawa tak mau jiwa. Maybe this is what people always mean for. Lol...
Anyway, HAPPY BIRTHDAY to ME, Kikilulu~~
- by V.L -

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