Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Happy Chinese Lunar Birthday

The 19th day of November in Chinese Lunar calendar is my birthday. Which mean today is my Chinese birthday~ 1st thing of all, HAPPY BIRTHDAY to myself!

I have many birthday wishes o..greedy me.. =p But these are all secret to reveal over here..Lol..Mum asked me to take full vege for today but I drank my first drink of bird nest early in the morning =.=' Couldn't be bothered, vege's definition for me is meat-free. As long as I do not consume any meats ingredient of a food is considered vege for me. Haha..
Let's recap what I have gone through for my last weekends. Sat, Sun and Mon were holidays for me..Hooray~~those work in Selangor state must have enjoyed their long weekends till the max. Except me lo.. :( But anyhow mine didn't gone that bad afterall... Sat night I went for Derrick's wedding banquet at Bukit Jalil Golf & Country Club. Arrived destination much earlier than expected, therefore headed all the way to Puchong and detour at Giant for a mini shopping spree. Meet up Chloe at about 7pm sharp and there we go for the wedding dinner.

Sun - woke up at about 11am. Prepare for another outing with PS in Sunway Pyramid. I decided to go green on that day by taking public transport. Dad dropped me at Pudu station and thanks God I arrived the shopping centre punctually. ^^ Watched some X'mas performances at the shopping centre stage and some choirs performance by the dovoted Christian. This makes me feel X'mas is just around the corner..Jingle bell~~Jingle all the way~~

Delicious in Sunway Pyramid. Strongly not recommended from me. Poor services from the staff and the pricey food quality is just moderate.

Mon - Holiday for me :P Went to mum's saloon to have a makeover on my hair. Curled my hair, love it!

A sudden Yum cha call out by Siang at night time so we had our short break at Aman Suria with Chatime. That's my long weekends programme. Didn't really sounds great, isn't it? Haha.. normal life with laughter all the time.. but I am still love-in it ^^
- by V.L -

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