Wednesday, December 28, 2011

2011 X'mas in East M'sia - Borneo land

I have selected to spend my X'mas in Sabah this year, together with my birthday ^^
Day 1 -
Woke up early in the morning and caught up with Ee Wei in KL Central to head to LCCT. While on the way to LCCT, I just realized something I have forgotten to bring along! Oh Gosh...not this time again...! I did not bring my undergarments and I thought everything was packed in my luggage bag. This ain't happens once in my lifetime, but few times before go off for vacation. My Godness...OK, forget about the embarrassment, just go as it is. No point to turn back home as our flight set on 9.30am. So met up with my gangs in LCCT, everything was checked and confirmed. There we go and start our X'mas journey to the East! First thing to do once we arrived at Terminal 2, KKIA - booked Taxi to go to Terminal 1 just to collect our rented car. Stupid me din't make a clear research about the car pick up point so we have to spend another 60 bucks to travel to Terminal 1 and collect the car. *.* But good thing was, our original rent car which was suppose to be a Toyota Innova 2.0 and the company offered a free upgrade to us with a Hyundai Starex 2.6cc, its totally FREE!! How lucky we were for this coming X'mas! LOL..
Since I was not the full time photographer along the trip, hence I would only able to upload few pics from my iphone.

Day 2 - woke up early and was aiming to have a glance at the sun rise scenic view at the Tip of Borneo, Tanjung Mengayau Kudat. But it was just another disappointment for us..sigh..

I was standing at the real Tip of Borneo.! The views were just breathtaking..

This is just another side of the Tip of Borneo..How I wish to stay there longer to ease my messy mind~

A view right in front of our room. Never regret to set my foots into this piece of land ^^ Lovely~

Stay tuned..
- by V.L -

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