Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Piggy Loo

Feel Zzzzzzz all the time in office. Am wondering does anyone aware of my sleepiness in office whenever they pass by my cubicle ka?
Oh gosh....What turns me into a sleepy pig recently? Could've been my freelance and main is I am taskless in office right now! what the heck? Though I will be leaving for vacation next week, but I still have 1 week long to go for my holiday. Can't just assign some to me? Not that I never be proactive to ask for work, just that they are too dedicated to their work till never distribute some to others. This is the only thought I am having in my mind to comfort myself...sigh..
Last night, nothing much I can do. Hence stayed home whole night by watching ANTM. 
Oh my...the heat is reviving my passion towards this show again =.= Not a good sign for sure. Keep watching it til 2am++ and then only willing to go to bed. I bet this is the reason why I keep fishing for today! BT has given me a pair of earrings as my birthday gift. Again, I used the straight forward indication towards his deed to me. I do hope he will understand one day. The guy I wish to spend my day with isn't him and the guy I wish to receive something special isn't from him either. This is hurt! I mean my reaction to BT is undoubtedly bad! But this is the only choice can led me back to the freedom which I've been looking for all the while. A big SIGH....
- by V.L -

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