Friday, December 2, 2011

A place where never think of paying a visit

Sri Manjung. An rural area which situated near to Setiawan, Perak. I got my mission to be accomplished in such a small tiny town. Colleague and I were heading towards north of M'sia for presentation. The work we had worked harshly have to present on that day. Show time~
I took some pics along the journey to Manjung. Blue skies were waving towards our sight view all the time and it was fascinating. I even managed to see the sun ray towards the greenery hills and forest. I was so lucky to have a glance on it. But too bad, the pics quality from my phone + my car's mirror dust were blocking the reality of scenic views.

On the newly developed High way - LATAR

Few kilometers away from our destination of the day - Sri Manjung

Like this pic so much..

Pic (ii)

Found this accidentally in the market store. This piggybank reminds my childhood memories.........

People there are nice and friendly. I wasn't able to feel the usual jealousy, wicked smiles where I simply meet one in KL from this tiny place. The big boss looked friendly too..He was supposed to bring us for a meal after the hard works we have done (and yes! we have made it through finally!). But sadly my colleague was so eager to rush home and we have rejected his offer in the end :( (thought of having a real good time in Manjung)
After the goodbye with Manjung, we head to Teluk Intan a.k.a Anson. A place where the famous inclined building located at. I was suggesting to have the famous Teluk Intan Chu Cheong Fun for dinner and unexpectedly my colleague was willing to go for it. Lol... With the help of the informative GPS, we managed to locate the destination (yippie). Tabao some for family and then we were heading to another food destination in Bidor =.='' - the yummillicious "Herbal Duck Mee". The price for the duck mee isn't cheap at all, cost about rm9 per serving.

 This shop is the original Teluk Intan Chu Cheong Fun founder


Though our mission of the day has been completed without any major issues, but lots more for us to work on it still. I sigh.... and praying the final roll out can be done asap so I won't suffer anymore. And of course, after the lesson today, I will be more smart in future! Won't do and agree this kind of stupid thing anymore!
by V.L

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