Thursday, November 17, 2011

Blog Resurrection!

Hmm..after few years and the recent online blogs i've read from some strangers, they have once again revive me the spirit of blogging and of coz, the fun of uploading photos, fun of telling my real life stories to the public (though this isn't really eye-catching) ^^

Anyhow I am eager to tell you all about my roller coaster life story which full with ups and downs. My recent life isn't really cool because of the continuous midnight job for the last 2 weeks. It makes me feel tired and sleepy during my daily work. Ain't so cool at all. Doing the task which i have no interest and never experience before is killing me. Even i don't know what the heck i suppose to do and stay til late nite everyday and go to work early of morning next day. This for sure isn't the life i would go for!
Down to the earth, we all humans are just fight for living, live for nothing. No point to keep mourning in here. Here i come to keep my bloggies right onto the track once again! hoooya~

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