Thursday, November 17, 2011


Since most of my pics are stored in other PC, lets go for a ride to Laos in this post =p My motto of live is to see thru, walk thru, pass thru every corner around the globe, imprint my foot steps to the places i want to visit. 19th May started my journey to the Kingdom of Lan Xang - LAOS.

3.15pm flight with AirAsia, departed punctually with great weather condition.

The book i bought to ease my boredom along the journey.

Landed Laos Internation Airport with poor weather condition. Cloudy all the way...

The marks of VL's arrival in Lao.P.D.R

A glimpse of the internal view of Laos International Airport. Simple yet peaceful~

After reclaim our luggage and exchanged the local currencies, we hired a taxi to go to the Vientiane Bus Terminal and prepare to depart to the north part of Laos - Luang Prabang.

The bus we took off for Luang Prabang. We were actually purchased an air-conditioned express bus but it seemed not in the picture where we were expected. Their so-called air-conditioned is actually referring to the nature air/wind to blow in when the bus is running on the road. =.=''

Finally we have reached the destination after 12 hours long journey!
Early in the morning and the fresh air is everywhere~

Were on the way to Luang Prabang town to look for our 3 days 2 nites stay. Monks wake up early in the morning to start their alms from the local residents every day.

Villa guesthouse Philaylack as our 3 days 2 nites accommodation

Sort of Muzium building in the LP town. . Solely quiet without external disturbances.

This is the Bodhi tree I used to climb for 100++ staircase with my empty stomach. But it's worth to have a glance

1st day in LP - Elephant Farm. A place where we can play with the elephants along the river and bath for the creatures. A place to have fun by playing the flying fox in the forest. Not really exciting but better than nowhere to play~ playful me..

Was waiting my turn for the Elephant ride.

My first time to bath with the baby elephant. It was very active and naughty to splash the water to all of us..haha.. see, it was having self enjoyment in the river like no others. Lol..

Impressed by the serenity view along the Mekong river and this is the place i had my first taste of pure local Mango juice! Juicy Juicy..

Stay tuned......

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