Friday, November 25, 2011

Cambodia - July 2010 (part I)

Went off for Cambodia. A place full with majestic old building from the ancient kingdom. I can merely note down some of our itinerary here since it was a story happened a yr ago (due to my poor memory constraint. hehe..)
We went for 7 days in total. First day to start off out journey, Mr.Cxxxx came all the way from Malacca at wee hour to pick me up to go to LCCT together. We had our must-go corner (McDonald's freak) to fill up our stomach before on board to the plane.

- Sky view early in the morning, breathtaking -

- and finally, here we go! The land of Cambodia, Siem Reap International Airport of Cambodia.. -

First thing to do when arrive was to look for our Mr.Tour guide + tuk tuk driver for our whole stay in Siem Reap who we have booked earlier - Mr.Sam.
He welcomed us with warmth-hearted smile and that's where we started our journey to discover Cambodia! Excited-nya~..

1st stop to go was our guesthouse - Bou Savvy. This place is nice! Staff there were friendly too. I like the truthfulness of Cambodian. After few hours rest in Guesthouse, Sam brought us to the well-known tourism spot - AngKor Wat. We bought the 3 days pass for the compound visit.

- Tiny me with the magnificent sculptured building which left by ancestor -

- Fall in love with the blue sky in Cambodia. It was fascinating for sure! -

- can you feel the awesomeness of the art of sculpture? and they all are still clearly visible -

I wish to upload more pics about my 1st day in Siam Reap in here. But sadly the whole version of photos ain't locate in my pc now. So i have to recall my 1st day without showing pics. Apology for that.....

1st day of the Angkor wat visit has ended with tiredness. But we did not miss any single moment of their night life activities in Siem Reap town. So we decided to walk all the way from our Guesthouse to the town centre. We enjoyed the tranquility and peaceful night time in Siem Reap, and the warmth smiles from the people, I can't merely describe my feeling here without you to have a real experience to this land. So, be sure to tick Cambodia as one of your travel list. ^^
We tried the local cuisines, handcrafts as souvenirs, and many more exciting moments. I miss those time alot and alot to be frank.. - First day ended-
by V.L

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