Thursday, November 24, 2011

Symantec Training

Whole week of Symantec Training makes me feel like dying. Lots to digest and lots more works are flowing into my secured area (i could sense that). Many many concerns about work lately but i do not want to share it out here. My blog will only share out the happy yet simple life stories of mine. Hmm..frens are getting married 1 by one. Invitation cards are coming to my hands one by one. Feel happy though, at least i could get a chance to dress up myself nicely and enjoy the restaurant dishes which i rarely taste them at common. Lol..but $$ oso spend alot for this month.
Can't wait for the X'mas on next month. Seeing some shops are having the X'mas ambiance make me feel great. But its sad too. Meaning my birthday is just around the corner. :( My 2xth. Aiks... Nothing huge happened during this week. Its the last week of Nov 2011. Kind of upset coz time passes really fast! I haven't set my goal of life to myself on the coming 2012 though.
Initial goal plan of 2012 (hehe...):
- Travel to Sri Lanka
- Able to apply NZ visa and depart at the end of the yr
- able to put myself happy every day and cut off my hot temper
- able to start up my online garments business
are these considered as goals of life ar? Seems like abit ambitionless. haha... typical VL

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