Friday, November 25, 2011

Coming weekends

Coming weekends activities:
i) Sat - Team building in Kepong FRIM (whole day event, have to gather at Cyber before 7.30am early in the morning)
ii) Sun - whole day birthday celebration for friend in Melacca (day trip, so have to depart early in the morning to get her a surprise)
iii) Mon - Public holiday in Malaysia. My replacement class for Ballet has set to odd timing (mid of day time) really jialat.
Above schedules might full with programmes and lots of fun. In fact, i prefer to stay home and enjoy my peaceful weekends rather than above.
** Today's lunch break was longer than usual (typical Friday for Malaysia work force culture i suppose) so i had mine in a hidden place. I found the place there is tranquil, eating alone isn't that bad and lonely indeed. But the food was just moderate rating. I went to nearby Giant after my peaceful lunch, dangling around the place and was enjoying sole windows shopping. Though it was just a quick one. Hehe..
Oh ya, today is as well the last day of my workshop training and our trainer is leaving M'sia tonight. He is so eager to step back his homeland and reunite with his beloved wife and family. Everyone in the class could sense that. He is a nice guy, but....hmm..somehow i do think that he is abit un-friendly.. Might becoz of my self-autistic effect gua..but anyway, who cares??  -  by V.L

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