Friday, November 18, 2011

My LAOS - part3

Day 3 Luang Prabang - Van Vieng
We took off from LP and continue our journey to Van Vieng. Another place where best describe the reclusive Laos people. This place is actually well known for its cave canoeing and other exciting water activities. Approx 6 hours to take us to VV from LP (this is because the bus will stop by at every pass by "station" to embark or disembark passengers). So by the time we arrived at VV was almost 12-1 in the afternoon. 
We picked up a stay in Malayni's Guesthouse and start to explore the wonders of VV. 

 This is the well know river set behind our guesthouse. simply relaxing..

These are the Chalets in VV.

The VV street. I think the time we visit the Laos wasn't the peak season for tourism during May-Sept every of the year due to its rainy season in Laos.

Nothing much activities we can have in VV except for the enjoyment of tranquility in VV. We experienced the night life in VV and the atmosphere was still peaceful. What you will come across in VV will definitely a pure dash smile from the locals. I like Laos, but i like the Laos ppl more than the land. Their simplicity is the thing i always eager to possess.

Stay tuned...

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