Friday, November 18, 2011

Wayupak Montra

I think I am being amazed and fall for Thai lakorn recently. Believe this must because of my last month visit to Bangkok, Thailand. and so happen that I downloaded PPStream apps in my iphone and i was so curious abt the Thai lakorn. Thats where and when i start to fall in love with one of the most famous Thai lakorn in Thailand. This is the drama which is a mass production from one of the Thai main TV channel company. The drama is actually the signature of 40th yr anniversary of the TV channel production company. And it has 4 different stories from the quaddruplets individually.
wish to share with you one of the story in one of the quadruplets.
<< Wayupak Montra >>
I love the interlude song of this drama..which sang by Rose sirintip (apology if i spelled it wrongly) Keep playing the song non-stop whenever i turn on my pc. Lol... and of coz, the hero in this drama wasn't really my cup of tea, but he is cute and gentle. ^^ and the heroin, i like the way she dress up herself. Her appearance is the one i always want for..kakaka.. "Lom & Kathi"
not a must watch drama..but good to have your 1st try on Thai lakorn if you are the gal who loves to day dream just like me :P

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