Monday, November 21, 2011

A place with memories

I went for friend's wedding on last Sunday which every couples are eager to have their big day on such a memorable yet special day [20.11.2011]. Not really sure how special the day was actually. Lol... So i drove all the way from KL to Melaka (a place for me to recall all the sweet&bitter memories) for the wedding lunch.
     After a night which i was able to sleep for not more than 5 hours, drove to Tropicana City Mall to pick up Auyong, my best buddy during high school where we always being known as "couple" at those days). Had my quick breakfast in Uncle John inside the shopping centre, and then we started our journey to the south. We talked alot about our recent life stories, jokes, and had had lots of fun along the journey.
     1.30pm sharp arrived destination. It is a golf club located at a place call Jasin. Believe not so well-known to the public. But poor both of us have waited for almost 2 hours by sitting there and do nothing just to wait for the food to be served. My bride friend, May. She was my ex EP housemate when i was study in College. Not really into her gang but appreciate what she has contribute to her wedding invitation very much.. Wishing all the best to her marriage ^^
     Met Miss Mel and she told me that she is currently working in KL centre and still staying in Seremban. Abit shock when knowing she need to travel far long from Seremban to work in kl every day. We did not finish the wedding meal till the end of the event. Went off in the middle of the way coz we both really feel bored and couldn't wait for our "short" shopping spree......kakaka..
     We went to MP afterwards, thats where i spent my $$ without second thought. =.= The familiarity when steping into the MP compound has revived me those memories once again. My tears dropped unattended on every corner i passed by. After the treat from Auyong in Starbucks, i brought her to the gogo jetty. She was amazed by the night scene over there. I was once again feeling sad coz the fun, the ppl i've came across has now changed. We sat down and enjoy the peaceful of the night. But it started to rain when we were about to order our drinks. Lol..
     Get home at about 11pm++. Feel exhausted after a long journey and my back is aching now! =.=''

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looking forward for your big day ^^