Friday, November 18, 2011

My LAOS - Final

Day 5 & 6 Vientiane

Our last stop in Laos, the capital city of Laos - Vientiane. Reason why i picked the previous 2 places to visit before Vientiane was because I wish to experience the real side of Laos before come to the city and secondly, the geography of the location.
Arrived in Vientiane at about noon time as well under the hot sun, the bus has stopped at somewhere unknown to us and we have to carry our luggages to look for accommodation. Imagine, carrying luggage and walk along the streets of the city during noon time wasn't cool at all! But yet we did manage to find a place to stay eventually. Thanks God..

Finally we have reached the center of the city - Vientiane, Laos

Not sure what is this building. hehe..

This is the memorial of King Chai Chetta Thiraja. In old time, this ground was used for the royal ceremonies. 

 Pray pray..$$ come come..

Mission accomplished! I have stepped my foot into the Kingdom of Lan Xang!

Way to climb to the top of the Patuxay

One of the side view from top of Patuxay

 Wat Thom.

Night scene of Vientiane city. Not bad though..this is the place where I can actually taste on the local delicacies.

Especially this one! Laos ppl call it "Tummy". Not sure will our stomach turn to be tummy after this food? LOL... was having "Tummy" while drinking the Lao Beer... **Cheers**

 Our last POI visit - Buddha park. A park filled with variety of Buddha statues which carved by Laos artist. Amazing works done by amazing ppl.

The tiny me~

 My last bye bye dish in Laos.

Preparing to check -in and go home!

Rating: Overall i would rate this trip for 6/10. There many places and corner of Laos i have yet to visit. I should have stay for more longer than merely this 6 days trip. Anyhow, I did not regret to choose Laos as one of my travel destination list. ^^
**few local words i have learnt from Laos: Korp Jai (Thank you), Sabaidee (hello), others....can't recall =P
- The End -

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