Friday, July 20, 2012

Just another TGIF

Bad things aren't happen chronically, it will ends whenever there is resolution stop takes over. Know why I saying something strange like this? Its because my life is full with depressions, and a little bit stressed out with what i'm encountering at this moment. I wish to have enough money for self-sponsored travelling, i wish to afford to buy mum a water filtering system at home, i wish to buy them a trip just to make them stay happy.
There are so many hopes and wishes in my mind. But thoughts aren't come with motivation and action but desire will. Only with desire in mind, it will then keeps you moving forward and not letting you to give in for any circumstances.
I upgraded to iOS 5.1.1 yesterday and was trying to download all the funny free apps from apps store. Finally I start using the photo frame apps which has been highly recommended by friends long time ago. It is quite interesting when trying put in all the snaps into a single complete picture. Hehe... though i am not the extreme camwhorer, but its good to have some funny pics sometimes.
This morning when I am dressing up for work, and asking sis to give some comment onto my appearance of the day. Was expecting her answer to be korean-like, but indeed she commented as Thai-like. Hahahaha....not bad though, i like and crazy about Thai-like appearance! =p
Nothing much happened today at work, just had lunch with my ex-classmates, Yan & ML. Normal chit-chatting and just a normal Friday~ Am thinking to go somewhere further out of a sudden, somewhere like Genting. Miss those moment when we going up high for some fresh air in the middle of the night and some night outings we've been through. Keep telling myself this is because i can't stay home for long period that's why i am reviving those old memories with 'him'. Indeed i am!

- by VL -

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